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We’re not about providing off-the-shelf solutions or meaningless solutions, we take the time to understand our clients and their needs, and we provide a personalised, high-quality legal services, and create solutions that are aligned with our client’s requirements. 

Meet the team
Managing Director

Jessica-Jayde Dolata

Attorney of the High Court | Trade Mark Attorney | LLB (Wits)

Jessica-Jayde holds a Batchelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of the Witwatersrand and practices as an Attorney in Cape Town, South Africa. Upon completion of her LLB, Jessica-Jayde served her articles at an established Family Law practice where she honed her skills and developed her interest in both helping her clients settle as well as resolve family-related matters. Here, her innate ability to understand the challenges faced by marital breakdown as well as difficulties within the home environment, coupled with her compassion for those in stressful situations, ensured her success in this field.

After having completed her articles, Jessica-Jayde was offered an opportunity to spread her wings and gain experience in a different area of law. She went on to serve as an Associate Attorney at one of the biggest Intellectual Property Law firms in Africa and it was here that she developed her skill for “challenger thinking” and brought novel and astute ideas to resolve complex legal issues. Her ability to quickly identify the key issues in any case as well as the client’s objectives allowed her to stand out in the service she provided to her clients.

Jessica-Jayde is currently a member of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL) and she is a qualified Trade Mark Practitioner.

In 2022, Jessica-Jayde founded JJB Attorneys, a law firm which was founded as a challenger firm and which embodies her entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm.

As the founder, Jessica-Jayde is known for her tactical nous, stamina, and determination to see things through. She has the ability to navigate gracefully through complex legal issues and is fearless in representing her clients’ interests. She is rarely unsettled by unforeseen twists and turns, and is a “steady-hand in choppy seas”. She provides far sighted, objective and tactically astute advice. Her knowledge and expertise provided her with the tools to identify innovative solutions to protect both her clients’ businesses as well as their home lives. Jessica-Jayde’s aim is to make legal advice more intelligible and accessible for the ordinary individual, and to assist her network in the legal road-blocks they may be facing.

Managing Director

Maxine Clement

Attorney of the High Court | BCom Law (UP) | LLB (UP)

Maxine Clement is a skilled legal practitioner based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She holds a BCom Law and LLB degree from the University of Pretoria and is celebrated for her passion for people and insatiable craving for knowledge. With a robust stance on leadership and a firm commitment to her community, she embodies the ideal qualities of a proactive attorney within the legal sector. Her professional ethos is characterised by resilience and a positive outlook, enabling her to effectively tackle the complexities of the legal profession.

In 2021, Maxine embarked on a significant career milestone by founding her first law firm, MC Attorneys. This venture was a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making a substantive impact in the field of law.

Recognising a shared vision and complementary strengths in business acumen, Maxine later joined forces with Jessica to establish Dolata Clement & Co. This partnership was driven by a mutual commitment to excellence and a collaborative spirit, aiming to elevate the standard of legal practice in South Africa.

Maxine’s goal is to continue to be a value-adding member of the legal community, leveraging her expertise to protect client interests while upholding the highest standards of justice and integrity.

Junior Associate Attorney

Morgan ALICE lehy

Registered Attorney | BSocSci (UCT) | LLB (UCT)

Morgan Alice Lehy holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a postgraduate LLB, both from the University of Cape Town. She practices as a Junior Associate Attorney at Dolata Clement & Co. 

Morgan’s academic journey in Industrial Sociology sparked a profound interest in the relationship between social structures and legal frameworks, steering her toward a career in law.  

During her articles, she served at two well-established law firms in Cape Town, which exposed her to a diverse array of legal disciplines, with a particular emphasis on Litigation and Family Law. This comprehensive background has equipped her with a versatile skill set, enabling her to navigate complex legal challenges with practical and effective solutions. 

Enthusiastic and results-driven, Morgan’s can-do attitude and willingness to assist is evident from her very introduction. Currently, she is enhancing her qualifications by preparing for the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law examinations, aspiring to become a certified Trade Mark Practitioner under the mentorship of Director, Jessica-Jayde. Her dedication to professional growth is matched by her commitment to providing stellar legal counsel. 

Outside of her legal endeavours, Morgan is an avid gardener, finding solace and creativity in nurturing her plants, favouring Monstera and Orchids.

Our promise

Why we do what we do

Our mission is to make legal solutions accessible and intelligible for the everyday individual, like you and I. We understand that not everyone relates to conventional styles of ‘lawyering’ and as such, Dolata Clement & Co. is not a traditional law firm. We think outside the box and offer our clients a curated and unique experience; one that is relatable, tailored to their unique needs and delivered by lawyers who are like-minded, have industry experience and are passionate about what they do.

Once our clients find us, we warmly welcome them into our inner circle. We believe that we create a relationship of trust and satisfaction which comes from doing great work, being easy to deal with and going the extra mile, no matter what. In creating close working relationships with our clients, our aim is to take care of them, their businesses or their families, and to help them reach their goals, no matter how big or small the task may be, no task is too much for us.

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