Commercial Law

Contract negotiation, drafting, review and enforcement

Our commercial law services encompass a comprehensive range of legal solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. From contract drafting, negotiation, and review to enforcement of contractual obligations, our firm provides expert guidance and representation. Additionally, we specialize in crafting privacy policies and website terms and conditions to ensure compliance with regulations and protect our clients’ interests in the digital realm.

Contract Drafting

Dolata Clement & Co. specialises in crafting precise, comprehensive contracts tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s employment agreements, vendor contracts, or partnership agreements, we ensure that every detail is meticulously outlined to protect the interests of our clients and minimize the risk of future disputes.

Contract Negotiation

With extensive experience in negotiation strategies and tactics, Dolata Clement & Co. excels at securing favourable terms for our clients. We adeptly navigate the negotiation process, advocating for our clients’ best interests while fostering positive relationships with counterparties. From price adjustments to liability limitations, we strive to achieve agreements that align with our clients’ objectives.

Contract REVIEW

Our meticulous contract review process involves thorough analysis of legal documents to identify potential risks, ambiguities, and opportunities for improvement. We provide clear, actionable feedback to our clients, highlighting key provisions and recommending modifications to enhance clarity, mitigate liabilities, and safeguard their interests.

Contract enforcement

When disputes arise over contractual obligations, our skilled litigators are prepared to vigorously enforce our clients’ rights through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. With a strategic approach focused on achieving optimal outcomes, we leverage our legal expertise and courtroom experience to resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively.

Website terms and conditions and privacy policy

In today’s digital landscape, protecting online businesses and their users is paramount. Our firm offers comprehensive legal guidance on drafting and implementing website terms and conditions and privacy policies that comply with relevant regulations and safeguard our clients’ interests. From data protection to user rights, we ensure that our clients’ online platforms are legally sound and positioned for success.

dolata Clement & Co Attorneys has specific expertise in drafting contracts for the following industries:

Intellectual Property

✓ Artist Management Agreements
✓ Confidentiality Agreements
✓ Copyright Assignments
✓ Trade Mark Prosecution
✓ Trade Mark Litigation
✓ Licensing Agreements
✓ Website Privacy Policies
✓ Website terms and conditions

Service Providers

✓ Marketing Service Agreements
✓ Domestic worker Agreements
✓ Photography Agreements
✓ Non Disclosure Agreements
✓ Health Professionals Agreements
✓ Event Planner Agreements
✓ Copywriter Agreements


✓ Employment Contracts
✓ Influencer Agreements
✓ Collaboration Agreements
✓ Sponsorship Agreements
✓ Artist Management Agreements
✓ Sale and Purchase Agreements
✓ Podcasters Agreements


✓ Creative Agencies Agreements
✓ Design Studio Agreements
✓ Interior Design Agreements
✓ Graphic Design Agreements
✓ Web Design Agreements
✓ Fashion Design Agreements

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